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Morphological Changes From Stress

One might wonder why the concept of morphology is a worthy topic of discussion. It sounds ambiguous, and doubtless few understand it well. It can have different meanings dependent upon the field in which it is considered. In linguistics, a “morpheme” is the smallest unit of meaning within a word. In biology, morphology refers to anatomical structure. Generally speaking morphology, has to do with the “shape” of things. If something changes shape, it has changed it’s morphology. It has “morphed” in modern parlance.

Although all living things change through growth and development, generally speaking, most of us would likely assume that basic physiological structure or morphology changes very little (excepting of course metamorphic processes such as seen in caterpillars changing to butterflies). I would like to suggest that assumption may be at least somewhat inaccurate. I believe that the physiology of our physical being (our bodies) may be continually changing in response to many factors including environmental, behavioral and even the cognitive/emotional. If this were true, it would have great implications for all of us, almost all of the time.

If, indeed, it were true that morphology is changing all the time, why wouldn’t it be obvious? Why does it not become plain that things are always changing, at least to some degree? We may gain some insight through consideration of those things which for centuries have been considered “the windows to the Soul,” -the eyes. The eyes of an individual can tell us many things, not the least of which has to do with his physical health. Ophthalmologists are able to detect high blood pressure and other conditions through eye examination. The eyes, it seems, may show first signs of morphological changes.

In a book entitled “Better Eyesight Without Glasses” (1971, Pyramid Books, New York, NY) William Bates, MD stated that “under conditions of mental or physical discomfort, such as pain, cough, fever, discomfort from heat or cold, depression, anger, or anxiety, errors of refraction are always produced in the normal eye or increased in the eye in which they already exist(p. 29).” He continued that “it has been demonstrated in thousands of cases that all abnormal action of the external muscles of the eyeball is accompanied by a strain or effort to see, and that with the relief of this strain the action of the muscles becomes normal and all errors of refraction disappear(p.37).” This would seem to suggest that stress of various kinds produces strain sufficient to alter the shape and function of the eye muscles. It changes the morphology of the muscles, and subsequently, the eye itself.

Yet, one might ask, why is it that all of us, when we return to a normal restful state, do not have perfectly normal vision? Why is it that after a full night’s sleep everyone’s vision is not returned to normal? Dr. Bates informs us that “During sleep the refractive condition of the eye is rarely, if ever, normal (p. 28),” and that if our eyes are under a strain when we are awake, “that strain will certainly be continued during sleep, (pp. 41, 42).” Further, most of us would agree that we all know individuals who, even though ostensibly relaxed, have vision problems.

Perhaps with time and repetition the effects of emotional negativity become ingrained physiological responses, affecting not only musculature but the way the physical structure operates (physiology). That would explain why Dr. Bates noted that treatment and remediation of eyesight in older patients invariably takes longer than it does for younger ones. Response patterns in younger individuals have not become so established and therefore resistant to change.

Since we were considering eyesight merely as an example to aid our understanding, it is likely that these same processes are affecting each and every one of us, every day, all the time throughout our entire physical being. To be sure, the notion that stress can affect us physically is anything but new. An enormous list of problems can be associated with stress, including heart disease, diabetes, asthma, obesity, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic inflammation, premature aging and even premature death. Many of these would seem to be manifestations of pathological changes in structure of morphology.

How many times do we hear or see something and think to ourselves “wow, I should really look into that,” and then do nothing, or allow that thing to simply fade from our consciousness? While this could be “one of those things,” it shouldn’t. Attending to and mitigating the effects of stress will have real and immediate benefits in our lives.

It is a very good thing that counteracting the strain inflicted upon us all is not an impossible task. It is not out of reach or impossible to do. It simply requires the intention to do it, and allowing it to happen. In fact, the more effort we put into it, and the more we attempt to “force” ourselves to do it, the less attainable it will be. While this is a little backward in our society today, simply letting go and allowing ourselves the opportunity to experience peace, with no overtones of “should” or “must” or “have-to” will begin the process easily.

While the point was just made that this process is not difficult, I will admit it is something which many have found far from easy. It may be because of our past associations, our training or our value systems, but for many it seems just out of reach. The concept of “letting go” may seem like “doing nothing,” to some, and is therefore useless, selfish and unproductive. In a sense, we must change our way of thinking to accept that accessing this state of relaxation is perhaps one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

There are a multitude of sources for information about accessing this level of peace and quietude, in print, over the internet and likely even in our own communities. Please avail yourself of those resources and get started. It doesn’t matter how “well” you do at them, just start to use them and make them habitual. They will improve your life.

For more information about the process of decreasing the stress and strain in your life please read the article Strain Relief. To enhance the process with an air of the South Seas, be sure to check out Tiki Tranquility.. Also published at Morphological Changes From Stress.

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Start Feeling Better With Acupuncture In Beverly Hills

Whenever people have lower energy, chronic pain or a range of simple, yet bothersome health issues, they should start by looking for natural solutions to their ailments. One popular service for dealing with these issues is Acupuncture therapy in Beverly Hills given that it serves as a drug-free and incredibly safe remedy for discomfort. Following are a number of amazing benefits that can be gained from these treatments.

To start, a lot of people have been able to successfully use acupuncture for smoking cessation. This is done in conjunction with meditation and herbal therapy to minimize the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and general irritability. There are even a number of people who have said that this type of treatment is much more effective than all other cessation strategies and devices that they’ve tried.

Procedures like these are meant to improve the flow of energy throughout the entire body. According to Chinese medicine, this flow of energy is called Chi. By inserting acupuncture needles into strategic areas, blockages can be alleviated so that chi can reach injured areas.

Therapies like these are commonly used after automobile accidents. They help the body heal itself more effectively by boosting chi delivery. This can in turn produce improvements in nutrient delivery and blood flow. Some people find that this type of therapy is also good for dramatically reducing inflammation internally while creating a much more positive and peaceful mindset. This is a proactive way to start making yourself feel better.

For many individuals, these measures can also promote better mood balance while serving as a very effective form of stress relief. You may find that you get the best results from these services when they are combined with other natural health therapies. For instance, certain chiropractors have their own, in-office acupuncturists who offer these services to their clients.

Many times, these are not considered to be acceptable services for sufficing as a standalone solution to any major health issue. Acupuncture therapy can additionally be part of an all-inclusive and multi-pronged plan that’s tailored to be needs specific and to address an individual range of concerns. People around the world have trusted on treatments like these to foster gains in mobility, alleviate pain and produce other health improvements. After these services have been provided, it is possible for patients to go right back to their regular activities and with absolutely no downtime.

When working to create a needs-specific and totally integrated plan for managing your pain, you should consider treatments like these for sure. They can serve as a very helpful element in your campaign for improved health and well-being. You should know that unlike prescription drugs, these do not have unpleasant side effects for you to contend with. Although many consumers are afraid of having treatments performed with needles, the entire process is a whole lot more comfortable than you might think. The needles used in these services are quite thin and can be put in position without your even knowing what’s happening.

One advantage gained from these services is promoting health and well-being in the event of illness or injury. Serious problems do not have to develop before you can start seeking this level of care. This is actually good therapy for resolving internal stress and anxiety that might be the result of lifestyle or life habit changes.

You can get an overview of the benefits of using Acupuncture therapy in Beverly Hills and more info about experienced cupping therapy in Beverly Hills today.

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